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Flying Around a Beehive 2
Flying Around a Beehive 2

Welcome to Pure Yorkshire Honey

We are small scale beekeepers and keep all of our bees on and around our own farm in North Yorkshire.  This means we can keep a close eye on them and always ensure the hives are happy and healthy.

We don't just sell honey, we have carefully curated a range of honey and beeswax products from beeswax candles to honey lip balm.

Our honey is straight from the hive and simply filtered before bottling.  All the ingredients in our other products are carefully sourced to be as sustainable as possible. 

Take a look around and you'll see many of our products are entirely plastic free and zero waste!

Beeswax Candles
Skincare and Soaps
Sparkling Mead
Sponsor a Hive
Queens & Nucs

In late summer 2018 we joined the Richmondshire District Beekeeping Association and after undertaking a small amount of training, bought our first colony of Carniolan bees. In early 2022 we expanded the hives to include a colony of Buckfast bees which are known to have a lovely temperament and true to their reputation, they are a pleasure to work with.


Andy has completed three years of formal beekeeping training, one day he hopes to become a Master Beekeeper.  Kay is in charge of honey extraction and bottling, and also likes to create recipes for other bee-derived products including lip balms, soaps and other goodies which we make using our own beeswax and honey.


Hopefully you enjoy everything our bees have to offer!

Andy & Kay

Abouts us

Certificate of Apiculture
Guild of Fine Food Logo
Five Star Food Hygiene Rating for Pure Yorkshire Honey
Beekeepers in North Yorkshire
Pure Yorkshire Honey YouTube Video

Check out our YouTube channel!

You can folow our beekeeping journey on our YouTube channel where there are lots of useful videos from 'my bees are attacking me' to advice on the equipment you need if you're thinking of getting your own bees.   

Andy from Pure Yorkshire Honey collecting a Honeybee Swarm

If you find a honeybee swarm we will do our best to collect it and return it to a hive.


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