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Skincare & Soaps

We ensure all ingredients used in our cosmetics are ethically produced, cruelty free, fairtrade and strictly not tested on animals.  And, all products are handmade by us at Pure Yorkshire Honey and Richmond Soap Company, here in North Yorkshire.

Our range of cosmetics use only sustainably sourced, natural materials and are packaged in either compostable or recyclable materials so you can be kind to yourself and the planet.

Why use honey in soap?

Honey is a wonderful addition to soap, it has been valued throughout history for its many therapeutic effects from having antimicrobial qualities, to its humectant and emollient properties. As well as the amazing therapeutic benefits, the fabulous honey produced by Pure Yorkshire Honey contributes a lovely natural pale creamy colour, a light sweet honey scent and a wonderfully fluffy lather.

Our honey soap is beautifully hydrating, skin soothing and conditioning, it luxuriously and gently cleanses all skin types, without stripping away the skin’s natural oils.

Judy, Founder & Owner, Richmond Soap Co.

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