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Flying Around a Beehive 2
Pure Yorkshire Honey collecting a swarm of bees

What to do if you find a swarm of bees

Swarming is the bee's natural method of reproduction where the queen and worker bees leave the hive in search of a new home.  'Scout' bees will fly out and look for new places to live, this could be in a wall cavity, roof space or hole in a tree - anywhere where they feel safe and protected from the elements.  While they are looking, the queen and the majority of the bees will settle in a temporary location as in the photo above.

Over the season we collect a number of swarms locally.  If you see a swarm you should try to take a picture if you feel safe to do so and send it to your local beekeeping association who may be able to provide contact details for a local beekeeper.  If you're in the Richmondshire area you can contact us and we will endeavour to relocate them.

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