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  • Award Winning Light Spring Blossom Honey / 228g

Award Winning Light Spring Blossom Honey / 228g


Introducing our award-winning Light Spring Blossom Honey.  The primary notes of oil seed rape blossoms provide a gentle, yet distinct floral sweetness, creating a harmonious base for this exceptional honey.  Amidst the layers of flavour, you'll discover delightful hints of apple, cherry, and plum, subtly interwoven to offer a captivating complexity. These fruity undertones add a refreshing burst, enhancing the overall taste experience and ensuring a memorable treat for your senses.


The award-winning distinction of this honey is a testament to its exceptional quality and superior taste. Renowned experts have recognized its unparalleled flavour profile, making it a highly sought-after choice among honey connoisseurs.


Whether drizzled over warm toast, stirred into a cup of tea, or used as a gourmet ingredient in culinary creations, our Light Spring Blossom Honey promises to elevate any dish or moment.


This honey is removed from the beehive and simply filtered before jarring to retain it’s natural flavour, enzymes, and antioxidants that can contribute to your overall well-being.


Important information:  Not suitable for children under 12 months old.  Pure honey may naturally crystalise in cooler temperatures.


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