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  • Full Frame of Swaledale Honey

Full Frame of Swaledale Honey


Swaledale Heather Blend Honey is a type of honey produced by hives located on the edge of the Swaledale moors that foraged on heather and other blossoms during the late summer and early autumn. This honey has a strong, robust taste and is beautiful dark amber color.


Swaledale Heather Blend Honey is prized by honey enthusiasts for its unique taste and the fact that it is produced in a specific geographical area known for its heather-covered landscapes. It's a favorite for spreading on toast, drizzling over yogurt or desserts, or simply enjoying by the spoonful.


This is an entire frame, taken straight from the hive. Weight varies due to it being a natural product but usually weighs approximately 1.5kg.




Important information: Not suitable for children under 12 months old. Pure honey may naturally crystalise in cooler temperatures.

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