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  • Pure Yorkshire Honey Queen

Pure Yorkshire Honey Queen


Our Pure Yorkshire Honey queen is where it all started for us. This local dark queen to us is what we had when we started. We are still very proud and pleasantly surprised how they seem to perform year over year. The queen we have chossen to be the Breeder is a 2022 (yellow).


She overwintered last year very well, very furgal with winter stores. She wintererd with a modest cluster over five frames. This year she seems to have more bees with her but Im putting that down to the mild winter. Honey yeild last year 30 kilos of spring and 20 kilos of summer.


We will start grafting from her in early May late April. Once we have seen that the new queens have had a successful round of brood and we are happy with them we will start shipping them out.


Queens will be shipped via Royal mail 24hr special delivery on Wednesdays so they can be with you by Thursday 1pm. They will be supplied in a bulter cage with some attendees and candy. It is very important that you are at home to recieve your queen so you can introduce her asap.

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