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Flying Around a Beehive 2

Why choose Pure Yorkshire Honey?

We make sure that the honey you buy is as natural as it can be.  By not processing our honey we can make sure all the natural enzymes and antioxidants can be retained.  For these reasons our honey used for a wealth of health reasons, from skin conditions and hayfever to migraines.

Pure Yorkshire Honey is 100% natural, untreated and cold processed.

Award winning honey from Pure Yorkshire Honey

Last year we decided to enter the Honey Competition at the Great Yorkshire Show.


Showing honey isn't for the feint hearted; if your honey jar has a scratched lid, the label isn't straight, the jar is too full or not full enough, or there is honey on the inside of the lid (yes, you read that right and it makes for a very nervous delivery!) you are marked down immediately. When the judges are happy that the presentation is correct they then look at the quality of the honey, checking the clarity of the honey and for any fragments of pollen or wax in the jar. If you pass this stage, the judge will finally taste the honey.


Andy and our bees did us proud. We came second in the ‘Light Honey’ category, and received Very Highly Commended for the ‘Novice’ category which we entered our Spring Blossom Honey in.

Awards from the GYS 2024

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